Traumas Physical - Injury Car Accident – Whiplash Injury, Chronic Pain

Next month will be the one year anniversary of my ability to resume a normal life thanks to your miraculous treatment for unlocking my physical disability resulting from a serious car accident. I was hit from behind at 60 miles an hour and sustained severe whiplash, low back trauma and TMJ. After a year of being unable to work, I was only able to return part time because of the physical limitations and the amount of time I spent pursuing treatment. After 2 years of all kinds of medical, alternative and counseling treatments and therapies, the improvement in my neck and back was slight with next to no improvement in my jaw (I could only open my mouth 2.8cm). After 45 minutes of working with you, all the pain released and to my amazement, my jaw unlocked for the first time in almost three years and I immediately felt some relief in my lower back and neck. As of this writing, I am now able to open my mouth wide enough to eat a large sandwich. I no longer need the dental appliance, muscle spasms have decreased significantly, and my chiropractor and dentist were truly impressed. My life is happier, brighter and a much more enjoyable place to be.

- Rita Ariano

I must share with you the results of last week’s session. Not only did we work through and past the trauma of the auto accident with new learning coming up for me but there was a most interesting physical result. Since the day of the accident, I had server neck and back pain caused by the whiplash injury. I had been seeing a chiropractor daily with little results. He told me that my muscles were in sever spasm and that I would have to have an MRI this week. I was totally unable to move my neck in either direction. Well, you can probably guess what happened. The muscle spasms ended a couple of hours after our session. I thought that it would be temporary but it was not. I would never have believed that the work we did could have such dramatic results. Thank you.

- Donna Costa, Occupational Therapist

Car Accident – Pain and Limited Range of Motion

I first came to Judith in 1991 because of the pain I was experiencing from a serious car accident in 1989. I had had 2 years of chiropractic (2-3 times a week); 6 months of weekly myotherapy; 3 months of yoga therapy (2 times a week); a consultation/exam from an orthopedic surgeon who suggested pain medication for the rest of my life; and several visits to a neurologist who said I would never have full range of motion on the right side again. After all of this, I was still in terrible pain that impeded by ability to live a normal life. I was unable to walk for more than 30 minutes at a time. I was unable to drive for more than 30 minutes…unable to drive or ride in a car without fear and anxiety that someone would hit me again from the right side. I was unable to carry groceries or anything heavy, to hold a large textbook while reading, unable tot find a comfortable position while sitting or standing.

After our first session, I noticed immediately upon driving home that I was more comfortable. I also noticed when a car approached me from the right side that I did not jump, lose my breath and panic that it was going to hit me. After the second session, I noticed that I was completely calm while driving. I noticed that I was physically more comfortable. My chiropractor reported that my body felt and responded differently to her adjustments.

The big test was a trip to a conference in Sweden. I am happy to say that I was pain-free the entire 15 days. This is amazing, considering what it entailed: we flew to Brussels and caught a train north – changing trains in each major city until we reached Orebor 48 hours later; after the conference, we took a train to Madrid – another 48 hours of travel and 4 changes; five days later we returned to Brussels with 3 changes. Then, we boarded the plane home. I want to thank you for introducing me to these techniques and for five mostly pain-free years!

- Jennifer Merritt, Business Consultant

Repetitive Strain Injury

Working with Dr. Swack, I have had major breakthroughs in every domain of my life — physical, emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual. Her techniques have been overwhelmingly effective in solving problems regardless of where they are rooted. There is no limit to Dr. Swack’s powers. She stupefied all the medical experts when she healed my severely stubborn back injury with just two minutes of hands-on work. Having tried many healing techniques, I know of nothing out there that even comes close to the effectiveness of Dr. Swack. As a scientist and healer, she brings a unique rigor to her practice that will not settle for sort of, kind of, or maybe. This results-oriented approach is what we need in the fast-paced world of the 90’s.

- Deborah Barlow, Marketing Consultant

Sports Injury – Olympic Athlete

Ten weeks before the 92 Winter Olympic Games I was training in Tignes, France. I skied down the mogul course and on the first jump my ski pre-released and hit my left calf, splitting it open. A French doctor stitched up my leg and said I may never get feeling back in that area since there was severe nerve damage. Back in the States, I saw our ski team doctor who told me ‘if after one year I didn’t have feeling then it would never come back.’ By late November of ’93, one year later, there was a little improvement. I’d probably lost 90% of the feeling and at this time I had approximately 30%. I was pleased with the improvement but disappointed more hadn’t come back. I continued to weight-train and massage it in hopes the doctor was mistaken.

I went to a weekend workshop of Judith’s in Los Angeles and worked on healing the trauma of my calf injury. I immediately felt "electrical currents" running up and down my leg. Three years and two months after my injury, I was having sensitivity and feelings where there were none! I believe my calf is at about 75% recovery of feeling!"

- Maggie M. Connor, 92 US Olympic Team, 94 World Professional Mogul Champion

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